Against “Eternal” Contract Labour System, PPMI Protests to ShintoFactory

0, Karawang – To fight for permanent employment status, hundreds of workers who are members of Indonesian Muslims Workers Brotherhood (Persaudaraan Pekerja Muslim Indonesia / PPMI) conducted demonstration in front of PT Shinto Kogyo Indonesia office, Karawang, West Java, Wednesday (3/6/2015). The demonstration was done for that Japanese company was alleged to have used a continuous contract system for its workers.

Mass of PPMI rally in front of Shinto Kogyo plant, Karawang, West Java.

Therefore, they also demanded that the company’s management appointed the contract labour to be permanent workers by Certain Working Time Agreement or Perjanjian Kerja Waktu Tertentu (PKWT). At least, there are 25 workers members of PPMI that are still the company’s contract workers. The majority of the company’s workers are hired by a contract status.

“The company uses an eternal employment contract system. There are 25 PPMI members. There are actually many (contract workers), we just fight for those who want it, 25 people. In fact there is FSPMI (a metal union), yet neglected. Our demand, the employer appoints the PPMI members in that Limited Company to be PKWTT,” said Wiharja, the Field Coordination Commander DPC PPMI East Karawangg, Karawang.

Since 07.00 a.m., the mass of workers coordinated by PPMI branch Karawang gathered in two points, that are DPC PPMI office of Karawang for and from west area and the Gate of PT M Class fro and from east area. Then, about 600 workers moved to Shinto Kogyo Indonesia Factory in Industry Area of KIIC Karawang by riding motorcycles. In front of that company, they then gave speeches expressing their demands.

“Directly welcomed by the management, and the result is they promise at 10 (June 2015 is the decision– red). At 11.00 a.m. we went out,” add Wiharja.

Meanwhile, based on information from the Head of Advocacy of PPMI Karawang, Taopik Zaenal Muttaqin, the management of Shinto Kogyo Indonesia Company violate Labour Law Number 13 of 2003.

“So the conflict in PT Shinto began from infringement employment status, which to this day the company still uses continuously contract system. Chronologically, the employees whose working time has been two years with two times contract, the employee will be laid off for a while and then asked to make a new application form before signing the third contract and the working time is back to zero year,” said Taopik, when contacted by

In fact, according to him, the Department of Labour and Transmigration Kerawang has already issued a memorandum of services, so that the entire boards and members of Workers Members Brotherhood or Persaudaraan Pekerja Anggota (PPA) PPMI PT Shinto Kogyo Indonesia appoint to be permanent workers.

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