Forced to Work on Night Shift, a Female Labor Found Dead in Toilet


Sukabumi – A female worker of PT Nina II, Sumarni Lidiawati, was found dead sitting in the plant toilet. Sumarni, who lived in Pasir Kolotok village, RT 04 RW 12, Cibadak, Sukabumi, died at around 4.30 pm, as she was working on her night shift, Friday (4/29/2016). It was concluded that her death was caused by the night shift.

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The allegation was convinced as there was no wounds on Sumarni’s body. Upon knowing
his sister has died, Dayat felt remorseful. On the other hand, Dede confessed that the
company is supposed to help sick workers.

“If there is a sick worker, the company should help them instead of forcing them to keep working,” said Dede.

PT Nina II is one of the base of the Federation of Independent Trade Union (GSBI). Hence, to
notice this issue, Kokom Komalawati, a female worker who used to work for Adidas and actively
unionize in GSBI, expressed that she repents the incident.

“After what happened to Sebastian, now Sumarni’s case has befallen. This case has revealed the lack of supervision from Manpower Office and it has proved that health, safety, and the reinforcement of night shift have not been monitored properly,” said Kokom to, Saturday (4/30/2016).

The head of DPC GSBI for Sukabumi Regency, Dadeng Nazarudin said that he and his team
will prosecute the case is investigated thoroughly.

“There has to be a decisive measure, if the employer is found guilty, then we are all from DPC GSBI Sukabumi, will join the police to inspect and investigate,” said Dadeng.

The death of Sumarni has become a knockdown for the GSBI, in approaching the world’s labor day. This is an evidence that the company has arbitrarily imposed long shift, from night to morning. As a consequence, the workers who sick still have to come to work.

“Aside from that, the government seems to let everything goes, so the company does anything uncontrollably,” revealed Dadeng.

PT Nina II is a manufacturing company specializes in wig production. It is located in Gang
Metro village, Parungkuda, Sukabumi Regency.

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