Helping Members, PPMI Made a Housing Program

0, Karawang – A house is one of the primary needs for everyone, including labor. Unfortunately, the government and employers do not pay attention to the labor’s need on a decent housing. The components of Decent Living Needs (KHL) do not include an installment payment house as one of the items, but only a rented room payment.

The Federation of Indonesian Moslem Workers Brotherhood (PPMI) Karawang initiated the housing program for the laborers by cooperating with the housing development company. The program started in September 2013 and was intended for 250 laborers consisting of PPMI, FSPS and other union’s members which belonged to the Karawang Great Alliance (ABK).

“The housing name is Citra Swarna Pratama located on 5 hectares of land in East Karawang. The down payment is Rp.1.3 million including booking fee, notary, and other costs,”said the housing program committee of PPMI, Odin Liana, to, Thursday, 6 November 2014.He explained that the monthly installment ranged between IDR 800,000 to IDR 1,060,000 (USD 66,6 – 88,3) [1] depending on the survey result of labor’s repayment capacity.

“The installment is different from one another, for example the installment of IDR 1,060,000 in 10 years is intended for the automotive sector laborers. If the sector is lower, then it will be 20 years, but with a lower installment, namely IDR 800.000,” he explained.

To join the PPMI mortgage program, the laborers should fulfill the basic requirements such as ID card, family card (KK), and the Decision of Permanent Employees (Kartap). Many workers greatly welcomed this housing program. Swarna Citra Pratama was sold out and now PPMI is making a new housing named Swarna Citra Pratama on 25 hectares of land.

Interestingly, the street names here related to labor, such as ABK Street, Al-Jabar Street, Geber BUMN Street, and Street. With the labor activists gathered in this housing, they do not need to worry if the militia and thug groups threaten them.
In the future, it is not impossible if the labor union is able to urge and win the demand of decent housing for laborers, at least the installment should be included as the KHL component.


[1] Rate: USD 1 = IDR 12,000

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

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