Hundreds of PPMI Members Go Up to The Police Station

0, Karawang – Hundreds of laborers from the Indonesian Moslem Workers Brotherhood (PPMI) Karawang came to the police station to give their solidarity to its member who has arbitrarily been named as a suspect. One of PPMI member was deemed to disturb public order and enter the company area without permission in December 2014 during the solidarity action in PT Technopia Jakarta. Two PPMI members were reported to the police on a charge of committing a crime, and now one of them is a suspect.

The victim of police attack.

“There are about 20 criminal acts which we have reported carried out by the employers in each factory to the Police, but as if they ignored our reports which we had submitted for two years ago. However, when the employers made a report, they (the Police) immediately processed the report!” said Taufik, DPC PPMI Karawang, Department of Advocacy and Legal Affairs, to on Thursday (16/04/15).

The case began when the PPMI masses conducted a solidarity action in PT. Technopia Jakarta which was located in Karawang, due to the employers did a Termination of Employment (PHK) to their laborers unilaterally and they indirectly committed a serious violation of suppressing the labor union.

“On 24 December 2014, we held a solidarity action in front of PT Technopia Jakarta and demanded PT Technopia Jakarta to re-employ the workers who have been laid off unilaterally, because the layoffs contravene the Act.” added Taufik.

Related this day’s agenda, Taufik explained that the PPMI members wanted to accompany one of its members who have been assigned as a suspect by the Police District (Polres) of Karawang Regency. Then, some members who joined the solidarity action were injured as a result of the forceful and violent dispersal by some “bad cops” who were not responsible for. One PPMI member were arrested after being accused as a provocateur, although the police who actually provoked the PPMI masses’ anger.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

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