Karawang Regency Recorded As The Region With The Highest Minimum Wage in Indonesia


Solidaritas.net, Bandung – The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan officially published a Decree of District Minimum Wage (UMK) No. 561/Kep.1581-Bangsos/2014, on Friday night, November 21, 2014. Same as the previous decree, it determined Karawang as the regency with the highest minimum wage in West Java, that is up to Rp. 2,957,450 – has increased from its previous wage, Rp 2,447,250.

members of karawang great alliance
The members of Karawang Great Alliance (ABK) delivered a District of Minimum Wage of Karawang to The Governor’s office of West Java, on Friday midnight (21/11/2014) © Daeng Wahidin Personal Doc.

The second highest wage is Rp 2,954,000, held by Bekasi City, and the lowest wage held by Ciamis Regency, Rp. 1,113,862. While Bekasi Regency got Rp. 2,840,000 for its minimum wage.

Daeng Wahidin as the Chairman of DPC of Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Brotherhood (PPMI) of Karawang Regency, ensured that the minimum wage of Karawang is Rp 2,957,450, though the previous recommendation was deported by the Governor to the Regency. His party delivered the newest minimum wage recommendation directly from the Regent to Karawang to the local government of West Java – which in his opinion, didn’t have a significant increasing from the previous wage.

“The District Minimum Wage (UMK) of Karawang is Rp 2,957,450. UMK I (Textile, Garment, and Leather) is up to Rp 2,970,000, UMK II is Rp 3,249,575, UMK III is Rp 3,398,000, and UMK IV is up to Rp 3,412,590,” explained Daeng.

He also explained about the minimum wage of Bekasi Regency which is Rp. 2.840.000, hospital sector is Rp 2,460,696, Class 1 is Rp 3,266,000, Class 2 is Rp 3,124,000, and Class 3 is Rp 2,896,800. Beside that, he expressed his concern towards the labors in Bekasi who became victims of violation by the police in recent action.

The District Minimum Wage of 2015 is still further from expectation of most labors’ union that demanded a 30% of increasing.

Here is the scanned Decree of District Minimum Wage of West Java for 2015 as taken from the Facebook account of the Governor of West Java.

Source: Solidaritas.net in Bahasa

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