Labor Union Problems in the Present Times

0 – When we honestly examine its historical background, if the unions (especially who lived in the New Order period and did not fight against the oppressor) UNDEMOCRATIC – openly learning to different ideas different –then, the unions has not fully transformed yet.

Student movement 98.

Indeed, now that the New Order successfully dropped, after most democracy aspect had been open, the unions accept mass action methods of resistance, but that is not enough, because we also have to learn and understand the demands, goals and true methods of struggle: redistribute wealth (national) equitably to all people [include working class, by dividing a fairer proportion between production-generated sold with the benefit of the workers (no exaggeration), which should be obtained entrepreneurs]; Social ownership of resources or people’s means of livelihood; personality, and independence of the overall resistance of the people (from below) regardless of the confines (hegemony) ways or the old consciousness politic elites, especially the political elite remains of the old well in the inner circle more or less ring-in the New Order.

People, including the workers, must have its own political organization built from the ground and have the right to determine their own destiny, to have dignity and pride. People, including the workers, will not win the fight if not dignified and had no self-esteem; Finally, the people, especially the workers, should increase productivity regardless of the dependence of foreign capital productivity is very suck and do not allow the development of national industrialization productivity of Indonesian workers, and the dredge to the extent that damage the environment and hardly leaves the material foundation of natural resources for the people’s livelihood.

We can see that materials and curriculum given to trade unions, still the same from that given in the New Order, at the time is called SPSI, which merely embodies (accommodate) and adjust (adapt) the system (economic, legal and culture) at the moment, that is not proper, set by the state that do not defend the interests of the people / workers and dehumanize people / workers. Well, who dared to be honest (even from within the mind)?

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