May Day 2015: PPRI Asserted Its Position to Build the Party without Elite

0, Jakarta – Thousands of Indonesian People’s United Resistance (PPRI) masses marched from Hotel Indonesia (HI) to the State Palace on Friday (01/05/2015).This May Day commemoration showed the theatrical action from the Kalabahu LBH Jakarta graduates, Political speeches, and stage arts hosted by the Indonesian Cultural Society Union (SEBUMI).

PPRI’s rally, May 1, 2015.

On the May Day 2015, PPRI asserted its political attitude that “laborers and people unite to build the party without the elite bourgeoisie”. The political stance to build the party an urgent need in the midst of many problems suffered by the people, such as layoffs, low wages, evictions and other problems which are generally caused by injustice.

On May Day 2015, the PPRI assert its political stance, namely “workers and the people united to establish a party without elite bourgeoisie”. Political stance to establish a party is an urgent need in the middle of many problems faced by people, such as termination of employment (FLE), low wages, evictions and other problems which are generally caused by injustice.

PPRI believed that the root of the problem is because 1 % of the natural wealth is enjoyed by the richest man; meanwhile 99 % of people have to struggle to meet their daily needs by all means.

The alliance also confirmed its support to the initiative of political party establishment from the bottom. For example, PPRI appreciated the initiative of Indonesian Labor Movement (GBI) to form a party, but with some requirements. GBI is the alliance of KSPSI, KSBSI, KSPI, KP-KPBI and LMND.

“First, when the three confederations entered the existing elite parties and put the union administrators to compete in the legislative election,” as quoted from PPRI leaflets.

The tactic was failed, for example only two candidates were elected to parliament in Bekasi, and they were not able to provide significant advances in addressing labor issues in the region.

The three confederations also supported different presidential candidates in the 2014 presidential election. KSBSI and KSPSI supported Jokowi-JK from the Great Indonesia Coalition (KIH), meanwhile KSPI led by Said Iqbal supported Prabowo-Hatta from the Red-and-White Coalition (KMP).

KSPI showed its controversial supported by supporting Prabowo because he was alleged as the perpetrator of human rights violations who has not been investigated until now.

“Second, when planning the national strike (MONAS) on 3 December 2014, the three confederations also reduced the laborers’ struggle by delaying and cancelling their participation after President Jokowi called the president of KSPSI, Andi Gani,” in PPRI leaflets.

In addition to PPRI, the other trade unions masses filled along the street from HI roundabout to the state palace. The masses of the three major confederations, KSPI, KSPSI, and KSBSI, looked dominant. It was also attended by the other group masses, such as FPR, PPBI, and SBTPI.

The action was stopped during the Friday prayer. After the Friday prayer, the KSPI masses stopped in the Indosat Fountain Roundabout and turned toward the Bung Karno stadium to attend the May Day Fiesta 2015. Meanwhile, the other groups’ masses stayed in front of the State Palace until 5 pm.

Although KSPI mobilized the most masses, KSPI’s masses are decrease compared to the May Day action last year. Many GBK benches were empty. The masses were shocked by the actions of self-immolation and jumping from the GBK roof by the unknown person. Then it raised some allegations, such as sabotage or accident. The organizers immediately ensured that the victim was not the part of mass action. Ahmad Dhani spoke from the stage to call the police. Then, the event was immediately stopped by the organizers. Later, he was identified as one of FSPMI members named Sebastian Manuputty from PUK SPAI FSPMI PT Tirta Alam Segar which produced Ale-Ale drink.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

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