Overtime Wages Paid Only 3,000 IDR, Workers Strike


Solidaritas.net. – Labors of PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL) strike a protesting on overtime wage, since Tuesday (07/10/2014) until today. Nearly 100 workers involve on this action, and many of them also set up a tent in front of the branches of PT SPIL which is located in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

Workers protested the overtime wage.

Workers involved are known as members of Indonesian Transportation Trade Union of Struggle (SBTPI).

“Workers are required to work 12 hours on Monday to Saturday, and 24 hours on Monday and Sunday and receive overtime wages for only 3,000 IDR, -” said board from SBTPI, Galih.

PT SPIL are engaged in the delivery of goods outside the island. This company has indicated to an obstruction because it has mutated two members of SBTPI.

Galih describes that the management initially refused to accept the notice from union on August 6 2014, having to ask permission to PT SPIL center. However, a few hours later, the management willing to accept the notification letter.

“The letter was received by the HR staff on August 7, and then on August 12, 2014, they asked for the names of union members. We meet and preparing to file a bipartite negotiations concerning the basic rights of workers. But, on September 11, two members of SBTPI actually transferred, which became effective 15 September 2014, “he explained.

According to Galih, on 14 – 15 September, the company trucking division attracted 10 units of a fleet of trucks used by the workers who are members of SBTPI. As a cause of this, workers can’t do their usual job.

“That’s why the workers went on strike,” he said.

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