Pemuda Pancasila Blocked the Labor Strike of PT Metindo

0 | Bekasi – The labor strike of PT Metindo Erasakti which is the member of Indonesian Moslem Workers Brotherhood (PPMI) intercepted by Pemuda Pancasila (PP), Thursday (01/15/2015). According to the monitoring report on location, hundreds of the PP masses and policemen guarded along the alleys heading to the location of the factory, in Narogong, Bekasi.

The labor held a protest for the employer policy refused the existence of PPMI union. Moreover, the employer accused PPMI as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It violated the Act No. 21 of 2000 on Labor Union which guarantees labor’s freedom of association.

When contacted on Saturday (01/17/2015), the Chairman of DPC PPMI Karawang, Daeng Wahidin, admitted that he will not go down to face any militia protecting the company.

“Previously, they (Pemuda Pancasila) said to support our action. In fact, they defected to the company. But, we had expected this situation. It was often to happen, “he said.

According to him, militia and thug groups often intentionally drive the labor union to strike or held a demonstration by promising to help labor’s struggle, so that they are hired by the company for “security services”.

“No one is willing to die for IDR 150 thousand to defend the company. Therefore, if we are right, we will keep fighting. We did all strikes and actions based on the procedures. If it is dispersed so, they break the law. If something happen, the police will be responsible for it, “he said, referring to the amount of money given by the company for every militia of Pemuda Pancasila.

Pemuda Pancasila is a semi-military organization which regained its popularity because it was raised on two films by Joshua Oppenheimer, entitled ‘The Act of Killing’ and ‘The Look of Silence. In the two films, Pemuda Pancasila played a role in the 1965 massacre in North Sumatra. In all over Indonesia, the 1965 massacre killed 1 million people, thousands of people became political prisoners, and 10 million people lost their political rights, including the dissolution of the largest labor union at that time. Prior to 1965, the largest labor union was Indonesian Labor Central Organization (SOBSI) established on 29 November 1946.

Nowadays, labor is familiar with the existence of Pemuda Pancasila as a tool used by employers to repress labor. On 31 October 2013, the labor who was still conducting a nationwide strike to demand their rights were attacked by Pemuda Pancasila and other militia groups. 17 people were injury in which 4 people were stabbed at the waist, 5 people were hacked, 1 person got broken hands, and seven people were hit with iron and beam. It excluded other cases of Pemuda Pancasila as “security services” in the factories.

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