PPMI Karawang Protests to PT Jonan Indonesia


Solidaritas.net, Karawang – Branch Representative Councils (DPC) of Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Brotherhood (PPMI) in Karawang Regency returned to continue their opposition to make an alteration upon the fate of their members – the laborers. After opposing several companies in Karawang since earlier in June, PPMI Karawang had another opposition to a different company. They went to PT. Jonan Indonesia, on Monday (15/6/2015).

ppmi protest
The action done by PPMI Karawang in PT. Jonan Indonesia. Photo credit: Benny Adam.

“The action towards PT. Jonan Indonesia in Suryacipta area. Alhamdulillah (Thank God), the management of the company has been willing to promote our members and has made the joint contract (perjanjian bersama). The action has been running well from 09.00 to 13.00 WIB. As our party came, the management was greeting us and asking for our representatives,” expressed the Field-Coordinating Commander (Pangkorlap) of PPMI East Karawang, Karawang Regency, Wiharja to Solidaritas,net, on Monday (15/6/2015).

The management of the company which located at Kutanegara, Ciampel, Karawang was directly asking to meet the representatives of PPMI, thus the approximate 400 members who came there were not immediately followed the request. They were giving an hour long oration to reveal their demands before they agreed to meet the management in around 10.00 WIB, to discuss the issues of PPMI laborers that work for the company.

In the meeting that running for two and half of hours, PPMI Karawang was represented by General Secretary, Pupung Syaeful Kamil, The Council: Suro Helmi Abir, Chief of Advocacy Sector: Taopik Zaenal Muttaqin and the Vice Chief of Advocacy Sector: Aditya Ronald. Whereas, from PT. Jonan Indonesia, there were the General Manager, Endro, a Production Staff named Bayu and two other representatives from Japan. In the end, the company agreed to fulfill the demand: promoting contract-laborers to permanent employees.

“Alhamdulillah, our demand has approved by the company. The oral agreement infringement that happened to PPMI’s members has shifted its status to PKWTT (Employment Agreement on Indefinite Period of Time) (permanent employees –red). Our members will be promoted group by group, in three months there will be 15 people promoted,” said Taopik, explaining the result of the meeting with the management of the company.

He added, for the near future they will be watching the concretion of the joint agreement. Thus, if the management of PT. Jonan broke their commitment, PPMI Karawang would have done a much greater demonstration.

“On the joint agreement, the company pledged to promote all members of PPMI, 15 people per three months starting from today, and we will be watching this till it’s done,” added the Vice Chairman of Missionary Sector for DPC PPMI Karawang, Tholib.

“But when the management of PT. Jonan Indonesia broke their commitment, we would have done a much greater action,” ended Taopik.

Source: Solidaritas.net Bahasa Indonesia

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