Protested by PPMI, Mesindo Company Rehires the Worker

0, Karawang – The demonstration could be one of the most appropriate and potential way to voice the aspirations. So does the workers. The House of Branch Representative (DPC) of Indonesian Muslims Workers Brotherhood or Persaudaraan Pekerja Muslim Indonesia (PPMI) Karawang, who defended his colleagues who underwent termination of employment (FLE) unilaterally by the company, held a demonstration.

PPMI rally.

The masses of workers conducted a demonstration in front of the gate of Mesindo Putra Perkasa (MPP) Company, Friday (22/5/2015). The demand is that the company’s management rehires the unilaterally fired workers, named Kamaludin. Finally, the demonstration brought the result out. The company’s management granted their demands and rehires Kamaludin.

A worker, who is also one of managements in Workers Member Brotherhood or Persaudaraan Pekerja Anggota (PPA) PPMI of  MPP, could finally smile again. His hope to be able to work again came true due to the help from his colleagues’ fight.

“I say a lot of thanks to the PPMI organization, who totally helped my case so that I can work again, and the company management want to grant it,” said Kamaludin who smiled after receiving the good news some time ago, as quoted from Koran Pembaruan, Sunday (31/5/2015).

The benediction did not come only from Kamaludin, but also from the members and management of PPMI, who showed the cohesiveness of this trade union.

“Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah, one of the PPA PPMI of MPP management is finally hired again by  Mesindo management. Thanks to the solidarity of PPA PPMI colleagues in Karawang and Advocacy Team of PPMI Karawang,” wrote one of other PMI members, Shinta Dewi.

Meanwhile, the Head of DPC PPMI Karawang, Wahidin said that the decision must be grateful by especially the entire PPMI members and other workers in general, because the result of the demonstration was labor victory.

“This victory is God will, so we should be grateful to Him for that. Our gratitude goes to the management of  MPP, who has given a good intention, by rehiring our member. Hopefully the industrial relations between PPMI and  MPP company can be better and more harmonious,” said Wahidin.

Kamaludin was laid off by  MPP management, because he was considered being negligent in his work with the complain part no good (NG) from customer. In fact, according to Kamaludin, the problem was not by his work, but due to another shift worker. The customer who complained asked the changes of employees in that section. However, PT MPP management laid him off.

Obviously, Kamaludin objected the unilateral decision of the company management. It is because the decision was not in accordance to the legislation. So PPMI Karawang immediately helped by holding a demonstration.

Source: Bahasa Indonesia

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