PT Sinar Wira Tehnik Complied A Claim Made By PPMI Karawang

0, Karawang – A demonstration held by Branch Representative Council (DPC) of Indonesian Muslim Workers’ Brotherhood (PPMI) of Karawang Regency, was took place in front of PT Sinar Wira Tehnik at KM 4 of Raya Kosambi Curug Street, Klari, Karawang, West Java, on Wednesday (10/6/2015), the management of the company has started promoting a number of their contract-laborers to permanent laborers.

ppmi mass
The mass of PPMI (Illustration). Photo by: Hadi Tri Wijaya

About the elevation of laborers that their former status was Employment Agreement on Certain Period of Time (PKWT) then become Employment Agreement on Indefinite Period of Time (PKWTT), in accordance with the clam made by laborers of PPMI Karawang in their previous protest. The good news was then reported by the Chief of Advocacy Sector of PPMI Karawang, Taopik Zaenal Muttaqin via his Facebook account, named M Aldy ALghifary, on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

“Alhamdulillah, congratulations for the board and members of PPA (Brotherhood of Members and Workers –red) PPMI in PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik that have been received a Decree of PKWTT. May God blessed them and may they will be able to be responsible and well-mannered people in struggling for the members’ rights. Long live PPMI!!! Allahuakbar!!! Allahuakbar!!!” wrote Taopik on his Facebook acoount, as quoted by, on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

When he got in touch with the Editorial Staff of, Taopik said that the promotion was gradually accomplished by the management of PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik towards forty members of PPMI who work for the company, till the end of 2015. In this first period, which implemented on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, there were five people got their status promoted as PKWTT.

“In the conformity of our demand, the Decree (Surat Keputusan –red) of PKWTT has been issued. The elevation process is assigned gradually. Five people were promoted as per June 16, 2015. The total number of PPMI members there were forty people,” stated Taopik when he was giving a concise report. He added, they will be kept watching the implementation of laborers’ status alteration until the status of all PPMI’s members in the company had change to PKWTT.

As previously been reported by, PPMI of Karawang held a protest in front of PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik related to unclear working status of laborers. Beside, the laborers have not yet gotten health insurance from the company. In the end, the company then pledged to make an improvement on the aforementioned issues.

On the same day, before going to PT. Sinar Wira Tehnik, there were about two hundreds mass laborers of PPMI Karawang also held a similar action in the front of PT. Bangun Perkasa Adhitama Sentra (BPAS), on Raya Klari Street, Karawang. They demanded the management of PT. BPAS, which produces boards made from cement as a replacement of plywoods, namely GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement) Board to rehire their member, Dadan who is subjected to unilateral Termination of Employment (PHK).

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