Support and Deduction of Labors against Prabowo

KSPI leader, Said Iqbal and Prabowo Subianto.

By: Sherr Rinn | Hundreds members of Indonesian Labors Federation or KSPI do a long march action from Bandung to Jakarta to support President and Vice President Candidate, Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa. The plan of action will take 3 days and it is finished on Friday, 13thJune at 16.00. Prabowo-Hatta will welcome the long march. The support is given because Prabowo agreed to sign 10 demands from labors (Sepultura). Those are including the increase of salary for about 30%, health insurance, and pension fund for labors. According to the President of KSPI, they are supporting Prabowo-Hatta because this candidate has concrete effort to defend labors while one of them is refuse outsourcing.

“Other presidential afraid of outsourcing removal, Prabowo is the one who are ready to remove outsourcing,” Said said to, Wednesday (11/6). On the other hand, Gerakan Buruh Melawan Lupa deducted Prabowo Subianto by making action in front of Election Comission Building, Wednesday (11/6). This community asked KPU to disqualified Prabowo because he is suspected as one of the offenders of Human Right violation in the past and has not been prosecuted.

One of the orators, Ari Lamojong, also criticizes the support from KSPI against Prabowo. According to him, it is impossible for Prabowo to fulfill those 10 demands. As a businessman, Prabowo has an outsourcing company namely PT Gardatama Nusantara. This company focuses on security services. Moreover, Prabowo is not paid the salary of 5 labors in PT Kiani Kertas yet.

“How can he provide welfare for labors, whereas labors in his own company have not been paid yet?” Ari said.

Gerakan Buruh Melawan Lupa consists of GSBI, KSPSI-AGN, OPSI Federation, FBLP, NIKEUBA-SBSI, SERBUK, KSBSI, Society Politic, SBTPI, Mahardhika’s Women, PPR, GSPB, KAP, and SPN DKI, Jakarta.

In June 9th, Melawan Lupa Coalition which is consist of Kontras, Imparsial, Setara Institute and the representation of the victims of Human Right violation has been reported KPU to Ombudsman. In the letter number 348/SK-Kontras/VI/2014, KPU is assessed obeying suggestion related to the history of the candidate especially those related to the kidnapping case in 1997-1998.

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