To Respond Criticisms, FSPMI Member Calls for Facebook Accounts to be blocked

0 –FSPMI member, Rohman GM who is recognized as the guard of the President of FSPMI (Federation of Indonesian Metal Workers’ Union), has called for all Facebook accounts that actively criticize the FSPMI to be blocked.

rohman gm status
Above: Rohman’s instruction to block Facebook accounts of Danial Indrakusuma and Sherr Rinn.

Above: Rohman’s instruction to block Facebook accounts of Danial Indrakusuma and Sherr Rinn.

Criticism of the FSPMI has increased since the union leadership supported ex-General Prabowo Subianto as a candidate for President in 2014. Prabowo was considered by many to be mastermind of the abduction and torture of activists in 1998.

It is also due to failures of FSPMI in fight for the basic rights of its members at the factory level. FSPMI members struggle ended with mass layoffs and compensation. They failed to defend the establishment of unions in factories.

As similar with Rohman, a Facebook account named ‘Farid Ridho Kurniawan’ is also instructing for critical accounts to be blocked..

Several accounts that need to be blocked are ‘Danial Indraksuuma’, ‘Sherr Rinn’ and all Facebook accounts that are claimed to be related to both aforementioned accounts.

“Let’s block those “clone leftist”, wrote Farid on his Facebook status.

Farid Ridho Kurniawan’s exclamation of blocking all Facebook accounts that criticize FSPMI.

An account under the name ‘Farid Ridho Kurniawan’ itself is not a real name. It once changed its name from ‘Said Nasser’ to ‘Erry Umar’ and then became ‘Farid Ridho Kurniawan’. He is a sibling of Said Iqbal, the President of FSPMI whose real name is Said Nasser.

According to Rohman, the blockade happened because Danial and Sherr Rinn often block the accounts of FSPMI members. Beside that, ‘Rumput Teki’ whose real name is Nur M. Fahrozy, a union official of SPAI FSPMI, also said to do the blockade because there can be no human that happen to feel right all the time, cause it righteously resembles the Almighty God.

However, Danial Indrakusuma said that the blockade was done only to particular accounts which spread detestation toward Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Inter-groups Relation (SARA), specific ethnics and other motives.

“The reasons why I block other person’s accounts are: 1) If the person insults SARA; 2) If the person calumniates or accuses without any evidences; 3) If the person is being abusive or talks with vulgar languages; 4) If the person likes to remove comments without any particular reasons; 5) If the person is a liar,” wrote Danial on his Facebook status.

As we know, on the previous President Election, the supporters of Prabowo were actively spreading campaign that insult SARA, including a hatred grudge towards ethnic Chinese. While the video below will prove it:

In this video <>, a member of FSPMI warned the Governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama to be careful because he comes from a certain ethnic (Chinese). This alert is declared when a protest in Jakarta some time ago.

Another account under the name ‘Rumput Teki’ said to do the blockade in the name of Almighty God.

Account ‘Sherr Rinn’ was once inactivated by Facebook so it couldn’t be accessed for three hours. The account then again activated after Sherr Rinn’s appeal found favour with Facebook.

“Facebook said that the inactivated was due to the use of unreal name on my account. While I have been using it since 2009 without getting any problems. Previously, Facebook was not allowing us to use a single name, as mine is only ‘Sarinah’. Then I was using this name (Sherr Rinn) and many people recognized me by it. I put on appealing to defend this name as I sent two of my official documents,” said Sherr Rinn.

“I am used to blocking accounts that insult SARA, calumniating, abusive and talking with vulgar languages. But actually, in the previous President Election, there were many accounts that had done these. The Terms of Service of Facebook also advise the same things. And I never provocate nor instruct people to do this because it is an individual choice. I have just seen how powers (instructions) can be misused like this, in front of its leader. I can’t imagine if they were the one that rule the government. Their profiles are matching with their political views which supported Prabowo,” said Sherr Rinn, the Chief of Association.

Criticisms toward FSPMI first appeared concerning the leader of this organization was frequently firing or expelling its members without giving them a chance to defend themselves. In the case of enjoinment the study of economics and politics, the elimination of Danial Indraksuma and Sherr Rinn on April 2013 – both names are not acknowledged as FSPMI members and are considered as troublemakers. But it turns out that FSPMI was not only eliminating those who were not acknowledged as members, but was also unilaterally firing Andy Yunarko, Pangkorwil Garda Metal Riau at that time. It also changed the Branch Consulate (KC/ Konsulat Cabang) of FSPMI Karawang, Abda Khair Mufti with corruption accusation and never gave him a chance to defend himself.

It also happened that FSPMI issued an official letter of prohibiting its members without approval from DPP FSPMI – individually or organizationally – to bound up with certain institutions/individuals, such as the institution of Sherr Rinn and/or Danial, K3 Korea Institution, TURC/Surya Tjandra, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, and Omah Tani/Handoko Wibowo in the post President Election of 2014.

The prohibition letter was issued to several Chief of Working Unit (PUK) but then leaked to social-networking media, Facebook. ill now, it is still available to be searched on Facebook in certain accounts who are victims as mentioned before.

“Up till now, the forces of FSPMI always accuse us, about feeling the right. Indeed, if we were wrong, please give an explicit argumentation about this. But all this time, they are just being abusive and calumniating us, for example, when we got some cash. Whereas, our institution got the money from an open grant (competition) and we have been reporting it openly. They often receive donations from foreign institutions, such as FNV Mondiaal, but nobody has questioning the report of it, though,” added Sarinah.

This blocking actions systematically organized and planned and no action from the central leadership of FSPMI to stop it.

A racist comment wrote by Rohman in the event of supporting Prabowo, on March 29, 2015.
SPMI's instruction letter
FSPMI’s instruction letter to support Prabowo Subianto, page 1.
FSPMI's instruction letter to support prabowo
FSPMI’s instruction letter to support Prabowo Subianto, page 2.
FSPMI's instruction letter
FSPMI’s instruction letter to prohibit the members relating with TURC, Sherrin, Danial, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, etc, as individually and organizationally without permission of central leadership of FSPMI.

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